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Blyott Release Notes 31 (v31)

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Blyott - Platform Release Notes for Version 31

23 December 2021

  • Export functions for Assets, Tags, Locators, Locations
  • Swagger documentation for SHP.API and SHP.Authentication
  • Refactoring repositories to use EFCore
  • Replace Lambdas with Kubernetes
  • Audit feature
  • History API
  • Implement new IE-not-supported design
  • Complex Search API
  • Edit portal - context menu - delete functionality
  • Edit portal - context menu - download functionality
  • Edit portal - new item button
  • Edit portal - checkboxes logic
  • Edit portal - resize columns
  • Edit portal - sidebar
  • Edit portal - Edit All
  • Edit portal - History Flow
  • Edit portal - Column Filters
  • Edit portal - Applied Filters overview
  • Edit portal - User Profile
  • Edit portal - Create views
  • Edit portal - Details Page
  • Edit portal - Saved Searches

Most important features:

  • New Edit portal

We redesigned the sidebar menu and improved the Assets, Tags, Locations, and Locators List pages with new buttons, filters, and options to resize columns. Users can now select multiple items from the lists and a new context menu appears. Functions in the context menu are to download the data in excel format, edit the selected items, delete them or view their history flow. Also, we have redesigned Details pages, basic User profile, option to Create views and Save searches.

  • New options for search

Users can now search for items that contain some expression but also search for an exact match using the "=" sign

  • Architecture refactoring

We replaced Lambdas with Kubernetes EKS to make our site more manageable and to improve the performance for end-users.

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